Did Don Garber Threaten to Get Jurgen Klinsmann Fired?

MLS Commissioner Has Some Dumb Shit To Say About Jürgen Klinsmann
By Billy Haisley, Screamer.Deadspin.com

"Sunil is one my closest friends," said Garber, who also sits on the board of the US Soccer Federation and has since he became MLS Commissioner in 1999. "The partnership we have with him has led to the league that we have today. I'm confident that he will understand and accept the severity of what is happening here, and insure that [Klinsmann] is in line with the vision that he has publicly stated."

Garber added: "[Klinsmann] has done a great job with the national team, but he needs to think very, very hard about how he manages himself publicly, and how he should motivate players that are playing in our league."

You're reading that right: that is a league commissioner demanding that the national team manager help out with his marketing agenda, or else.

By addressing the promotion and relegation issue, Klinsmann is, by proxy, directly attacking the structural problems with MLS, and refusing to conflate the league's interests with those of American soccer. That's what's dangerous to Garber. The more Klinsmann—the real face of the sport in this country—speaks to American soccer fans about the problems with their shambolic league, the less likely those fans are to accept MLS's paternalistic dismissal of the sport's core values. That would be a good development for soccer fans. It would not be a good development for Don Garber.

What it comes down to is this: Garber is running a safe, profitable racket whose success rests on a structural acceptance of mediocrity, while Klinsmann is saying that fans deserve better, and that America can be excellent.


Liviu Bird's Sports Illustrated Piece on Why Klinsmann is Right

MLS, Garber threatened by Klinsmann challenging America's status quo
By Liviu Bird, Sports Illustrated

Klinsmann was hired to make waves and instill changes. Before he became the U.S. manger, the American soccer community whispered any dissenting opinions for fear of being labeled as heretics or seen as doing irreparable damage to a budding league that needed assent from all corners.

Now, uncomfortable discussions of the U.S. and MLS quality, promotion-relegation and a lack of transparency at the league and federation levels occur in public forums.

Klinsmann has embraced and exemplified the American values of openness and competitiveness better than many who have lived here their whole lives.


Interview with Bill Peterson and Erik Stover Confirms Goal to Elevate NASL to Division 1 Status

NASL Commissioner & Cosmos COO Mix It Up With Fans – AUDIO
By Cesar Trelles, CosmosSoccerFan.com

The Q&A started by both Stover & Peterson giving a status on their respective organizations, Stover on the Cosmos, Peterson on the NASL. From there questions were posed to the appropriate person with topics ranging from the Belmont Stadium, NASL league expansion, Cosmos player recruitment, Cosmos academies, NASL/MLS Player Loans and many more questions. They managed to answer a lot of questions in thirty minutes so make sure to listen to them all.

More...(Embedded Audio File Contains Complete Interview)

US National Team Coach Wants Promotion and Relegation System in America

by Franco Panizo, SoccerByIves.net

Klinsmann made comments that perked up plenty of ears on Thursday during his U.S. Men’s National Team pre-game press conference when asked if he thought that NASL is a lower level than MLS. The U.S. head coach refrained from directly saying that MLS is the top division despite U.S. Soccer categorizing it as such, stating that giving the leagues labels was not up to him and that he wishes there was a true promotion-relegation system that could identify a superior league.

“I’m a deep believer in promotion-relegation systems,” said Klinsmann...


Nightmare Cardiff City Owner Vincent Tan To Terrorize Chivas USA Fans in MLS

Vincent Tan, Peter Guber part of group slated to purchase Chivas USA
By Grant Wahl, Sports Illustrated

MLS will soon announce the owners of its new team in Los Angeles that will replace Chivas USA, and the ownership group that’s almost certain to land the team includes Henry Nguyen, Peter Guber, Vincent Tan and Tom Penn, SI.com has learned.

MLS is expected to announce the winning group officially as soon as next week, after the league’s Board of Governors meets in Los Angeles on Monday.


Tweet of the Day from @_NickRogers_

"Dear national soccer media: maybe now is a good time to start covering @naslofficial? If Jurgen has time, shouldn’t you?"


Seeing Through The MLS Homegrown Player Hype

The MLS Wrap: Time to stop perpetuating the 'homegrown player' myth
By Ives Galarcep, Goal.com

Major League Soccer is going out of its way to promote players as "homegrown," even if the label is oftentimes misleading.

What exactly is a "homegrown player"?

That question feels more and more pertinent as Major League Soccer ramps up its promotion and marketing of players it deems “homegrown” players. Anyone following MLS with any regularity in recent months has been inundated with tales of the league’s efforts to produce the next generation of stars, even if the claims are, by and large, being exaggerated.


NASL Player to Get US National Team Call Up?

Report: Minnesota United’s Miguel Ibarra to get US national team call-up
By Joe Prince-Wright, NBC Sports ProSoccerTalk

Reports continue to suggest that Minnesota United midfielder Miguel Ibarra will get the nod from Jurgen Klinsmann and be called up to the U.S. national team in October.

We will have to wait and see if Ibarra has made Klinsmann’s latest squad but if he does, it will send out a huge message to the U.S. soccer community that the standard of play in the NASL is continuing to get stronger and it will be a massive feather in the cap for Minnesota United in the future recruitment of potential players.