Awesome Bill Peterson Quote on Pro Rel and Fictional US Pyramid

Defections? NASL clubs still eyeing MLS, but commissioner Bill Peterson undaunted
By Matthew Levine,

"I’ve said it on a number of occasions: The concept of promotion/relegation is one we think is an integral part of the game on a global basis and we support the concept,” Peterson said.

“It’s a situation now that doesn’t exist, so that sort of raises the question: Why are there even divisions?  It doesn’t make much sense."


Australia's National Cup Competition Breaches an Artificial Divide

Australia's FFA Cup closes divides between clubs
Mike Ticher, When Saturday Comes

The ten A-League clubs came into the competition in July to make up the last 32 after each state's qualifying process had weeded out hundreds of tiny clubs with ambitions to get their often implausible name on the national stage (sadly neither Dapto Dandaloo Fury nor the St Mary's Band Club, drawn against each other in the first round in New South Wales, made it).

The survivors were a mixture of happy-to-be-here local clubs, ambitious newcomers and ethnic-based remnants of the old National Soccer League (NSL), some of whom have nursed bitter grievances since the establishment of the A-League in 2005, with its essentially artificial franchises, relegated them to relative obscurity.


NPSL Releases Pro-NASL Article with Hints at Future Collaboration


Growing the sport and the relationship between the two leagues is an exciting prospect for all those who care about the beautiful game here in North America. 


Tweet of the Day Award Goes to @TotalRelegation

MLS, since Pro/Rel will never happen can you get sanctioned by WWE instead of FIFA and let NASL get D1 Status? Regards, @totalrelegation

MLS Will Never Participate in Open System, But NASL Open to the Idea

MLS promotion, relegation will never happen, league president says
By Liviu Bird, Sports Illustrated

Soccer in the United States will never have a system of promotion-relegation similar to those in leagues across the world, Major League Soccer president and deputy commissioner Mark Abbott said Tuesday.

"The NASL is focused on continuing to expand the global game in North America and remains open to any and all efforts to align our professional soccer league with the rest of the world," the league said in a statement released to "We remain open to the concept of promotion and relegation and many other concepts our great fans and partners associate with top level soccer around the world."


Qatar World Cup Workers Who Don't Die On The Job Are Held Against Their Will and FIFA Doesn't Care

Inescapable conclusion: FIFA now supports slavery.
By No Short Corners

How much is enough before they begin to pretend to approximate the resemblance of some slight disapproval or oversight of the Qatar World Cup organizers?

Migrant workers who built luxury offices used by Qatar's 2022 football World Cup organisers have told the Guardian they have not been paid for more than a year and are now working illegally from cockroach-infested lodgings.


More Australian Pro-Rel Talk

Is the A-League Ready for Promotion and Relegation?
By 70s Mo, The Roar

The success of the opening instalment of the FFA cup round of 32 has people talking about the possibilities of a true football pyramid in Australia and whether teams could rise all the way from obscurity to play in the A-League.


English Supporter Summit Provides Model for US Fans

Fans come together at Wembley to "fix football".  FSF and Supporters Direct held event.
When Saturday Comes

On Saturday July 26, around 250 fans came together at Wembley stadium for a supporters' summit organised jointly by the Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) and Supporters Direct. The day involved debates on how to fix football, including sessions on Away Fans Matter, club identity, financial fair play and fans' trusts.